Gas Safe Registered

This means that whenever a gas engineer carries out work on your property, by law they must be on the Gas Safe Register.
Gas safety in the home and workplace is not something you can compromise. If you don’t have your gas appliances checked by a
Gas Safe registered engineer you are risking your life. The Gas Safe Register exists to ensure gas safety for you, your family and your property.



Repairs and Servicing

There are many different boiler manufacturers and even more individual boiler models and then there are cookers and fires. This adds up to many thousands of individual gas appliances.

Dormouse has an up to date library of 10,000+ instruction, parts and technical manuals dating back over 20 years, so there is a good chance that your appliance will be covered.

At Dormouse there is continuing training and development. Trained by most boiler manufacturers in technical diagnostics, fault finding, servicing and installing, most boiler, cooker or fire faults can be diagnosed and repaired quickly. Most repairs are performed the next working day although some can be performed the very same day.

There are literally thousands of gas appliances in use in the UK. This is the reason that Dormouse employees are directly trained on fault finding, installation and correct use by the manufacturers of the appliances and tools.

Here are a selection of manufacturers that provide training courses for their own appliances. All have been attended;


Power Flushing

A brief description of a power flush


There is a link at the bottom to take you to a page which will give you a visual understanding of what may be happening inside of your heating system.

Over time you may experience common central heating problems such as cold radiators, noisy pipe work and your central heating taking a long time to warm up your home. The problem could be rust (iron oxide), lime scale and hydrogen that can build up in your central heating system over time. It not only builds up in your radiators but also in your pipe work meaning bad flow, damage to your pipe work and hard work for your pump and boiler. This sludge cannot be removed manually as it needs to be broken up first.

Dormouse Heating Services can provide a power flush which is a mixture of sludge removing chemicals and water, professionally washing through your heating system, removing the sludge and bringing new life to your central heating. You should then experience a warmer and faster heating system, quieter operation and reduced boiler pressure. The power flushing pump is simply connected into the heating system and the powerful flow, combined with an instantaneous flow reversal device, will dislodge and mobilise deposits and corrosion.

Once the corrosion and sludge deposits have been loosened and mobilised, fresh clean water is forced through the heating system, pushing the contaminated water out through to waste. During the flushing process radiators are individually flushed without removing or disconnecting them from the system by directing the full output of the pump through each radiator separately. At the end of the flushing process the system contains fresh clean water; reinstatement of the system to normal operation takes only a few minutes.
Power flushing is also an excellent way to   clean new heating systems, to remove debris left behind during installation.


Do I need A Powerflush?


Combi boiler swap?

Basic boiler with hot water cylinder conversion to a combi?

Back boiler replacement / upgrade?

You may not be aware of this but in late 2010 the government introduced an amendment to the building regulation Part L Energy Efficiency called Part L1b. This document set out guidelines for what heating system you can and can’t install into an existing house. As a result of this there is currently only one high efficiency back boiler that is permitted to be installed under these new regulations.

It’s made by Baxi and this is it. Click here.

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